Controlling the risk of internal fraud

Map identities, access and business activities

The review of authorizations consists of ensuring that the access rights of information system users comply with the company's security policy.

It is a project that is often perceived as complex, given the ever increasing number of applications and users.

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The SWAWE IAM module allows you to manage the identity of people with the organization to which they belong and the accesses associated with them.

SWAWE Report allows you to map the information in SWAWE IAM to obtain a synthetic view of identities with their accesses (Business profiles) and their business functions.

This ensures that people have the necessary rights for their business functions.

Cartographier les identités, les accès et les activités métiers
Identifier les activités incompatibles et créer votre matrice SoD

Identify incompatible activities and create your SAP SoD matrix

To maintain control of SoD risks and meet auditors' expectations, it is essential to define and implement this matrix. SWAWE RISK includes a standard matrix proposal that can be easily customized according to the company's wishes.

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SWAWE RISK and SWAWE Report allow to follow the evolution of risks on a large number of criteria, such as :

  • By level of risk
  • By SAP functions
  • By organization
  • By user type

This SoD matrix can evolve and be improved over time to better match the company's SoD risks.

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User case

ARaymond - cas client SWAWE

ARaymond is a French industrial limited partnership with an international dimension, created in 1865, which manufactures and offers products for fastening in the fields of automotive, health, agriculture, renewable energy and industry.

RAYNET, a subsidiary of the ARaymond group, is undertaking a continuous improvement process for SAP security and would like to implement a tool to manage the entire life cycle of SAP authorizations.

Solution RISK

Keep control of your risks and meet the expectations of your auditors in terms of security.

Define and implement a risk matrix and have a powerful control tool.

Reduce your risks and prove that you put them fully under control.

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