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Alcatel Submarine Networks (ou ASN) - cas client

A head start in the preparation of SOX audits!


Alcatel Submarine Networks (or ASN) is a world leader in the manufacture and installation of submarine cables.





Key issues

  • SOX compliance and SoD risk management
  • Replace a more maintained software 

About Alcatel Submarine Networks (or ASN)

Alcatel Submarine Networks (or ASN) is a French company owned by the Finnish group Nokia via its French subsidiary Nokia France (formerly Alcatel-Lucent) since 2016 and one of the world's leading manufacturers and installers of submarine cables.

ASN designs, manufactures, installs and maintains submarine cables and related equipment, using its own ships to carry optical fiber around the globe.


As NOKIA is listed on Wall Street, all of the group's companies must comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act: it is in this context that ASN managed its segregation of duties risks with a solution that was no longer maintained by the editor and whose analyses took several days!

Solution proposed by SWAWE

The value proposition of SWAWE's risk management module addressed this need and the interface with IAM for SOD simulations integrated into the identity management workflow was a no-brainer.

To secure the interventions of the consultants and SAP experts of the IT department, the SWAWE Privilege Access Management module also makes it possible to control, monitor and justify each emergency intervention in production.

This set is a major asset guaranteeing to pass more serenely the numerous SOX audit campaigns carried out by internal and external auditors several times a year. Moreover, SWAWE is included in the SOX scope in 2021 at ASN!

SWAWE integration with SAILPOINT Identity IQ to provide risk analysis in the identity management workflow:


ASN cas client

"More than 4 years of successful cooperation with Gregory has allowed us to evolve our security management in SAP and SOD for over 1500 users. 

Since adopting SWAWE to manage our risk and emergency access, our internal and external audits have become much more reliable!"

Pierre-Yves RAPIDEL,

Responsable SAP Authorization Team – Alcatel Submarine Networks


Key figures

  • 977 PAM sessions
  • 220+ risk analyses
  • 2100+ users under control
  • 3800+ roles under control
  • 69% SOD risk reduction
  • 9% of SAP users have SOD conflicts
  • 100% of risks covered by compensatory controls


What's next?

Planning of the SWAWE upgrade in compliance with SOX constraints and possible implementation of the Continuous Control Monitoring module followed perhaps by a Microsoft365 integration?